Metaverse is in vogue and the major luxury brands know it

Adidas, Balmain, Gucci o Prada se suman a la ola del Metaverso de SandBox y los NFT.

We are spectators of the frenetic race to the metaverse of big fashion brands. They all want to join in and, above all, make a difference. Being a pioneer in the future of the Internet, in this 3D shared virtual universe in which users can exist perpetually, is relatively easy. All it takes is a little ingenuity and investment.

Below, we break down how some brands have taken the leap and entered the digital gateway into the metaverse. This month, department stores are navigating how to sell NFT without scaring customers away with cryptocurrency, and luxury brands are working a broad roadmap to develop their brands in the metaverse


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Gucci x Superplastics: The brand’s iteration through collectibles

Gucci presents its most recent project with Superplastics, the company that makes collectible vinyl art toys. It had previously launched NFT through Nifty Gateway, a digital art auction platform owned by the Winklevoss brothers. Gucci and Superplastics have collaborated on 10 NFT designs, with a limited run of 500 issues in total. Each comes with a collectible SuperGucci SuperJanky ceramic sculpture. That also includes engaging with fans and the Discord community through the launch of a Discord channel.

Adidas for Prada Re-Source: A long-term metaverse strategy.

Launched on Polygon, the least energy-intensive blockchain platform, the NFT project between streetwear giant Adidas and luxury fashion brand Prada builds on the existing collaboration between the two brands, which focuses on the Re-Nylon collection. The NFT consists of 3,000 individual tiles from chosen creators, each of whom submitted photos and had a digital wallet.

Proceeds from the sale will go to Slow Factory, a non-profit organization focused on climate justice and human rights education. Sales of the individual tiles, however, will go to the creators of shared ownership. The final piece will be displayed on screens in Adidas and Prada stores around the world. 

Prada was also one of the first luxury brands to experiment in digital worlds, with its 2012 platform “Il Palazzo.” Its NFT project is not a standalone luxury item, but the collaboration with Adidas allows it to leverage the streetwear brand’s expertise in the space, through the Bored Apes Yacht Club NFTs.

Louis Vuiton: Go for a unique backpack on a budget

Louis Vuitton’s choice to join the NFT marks a radical shift in the way the brand works with technology, and it’s a big bet for the brand, which, with the involvement of one of its most prominent designers, Virgil Abloh, has shaped a backpack that, with NFT technology, can be bought and exchanged within the confines of the luxury brand, or even on the secondary market. Louis Vuitton’s NFT backpack, known as “LV²,” though it will not be available for physical purchase, and can be obtained from Louis Vuitton’s online stores, free of charge, with a $95,000 gift card.

Balmain x Barbie: Barbie and Ken’s outfits to be auctioned off

Together, Barbie and Balmain will launch three unique NFTs for one-of-a-kind Barbie and Ken avatars, a metaverse twist on a nostalgic classic from the childhood of many. Each avatar will be dressed in full looks from Balmain designs, as well as a set of Barbie-sized Balmain pieces to create both a digital and physical art collection. The online NFT auction will be held on mintNFT, which will guarantee buyers a unique place in fashion history as it moves into the virtual realm, according to the press release, and Barbie x Balmain NFTs will be available exclusively through Mattel Creations.