UX Research

We analyze the market and assist you in transforming your ideas into objectives

Applications must be functional, intuitive and fast. How? We propose web and mobile solutions with the user in focus. We work on the information architecture and the design of the visual aspects.

We investigate the user’s needs and the decisions he takes

UX methodologies tools such as card sorting, interviews or usability studies are our best allies.

How can we help your startup or company?

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We prototype and evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions

Once you have defined your target, it is essential to know your customer in order to offer you the ideal user experience. For this purpose, we use prototypes and user testing to know if we are on the right track.

Discovery research

We help you validate the product idea by understanding the needs and “pain points” of your users. We can determine product-market fit and help you prioritize the next steps in the product development process.

UX audit

We conduct a comprehensive usability assessment of your product’s user interface to understand how people interact with it. We define and present the main usability issues that, if addressed, can improve the business performance of your product.

Specialized UX research team

We work continuously as part of your team or assist you at any stage of your product development cycle. We can help you conduct user interviews or test prototypes, while making suggestions on how to effectively apply research results.

Our UX research services An holistic analysis of the target audience, overview of the competitive environment and usability testing.

Benefits How UX research can help you improve your product

Know your customers' needs

We use several research methods and tools, such as user interviews and testing, to help you getting to know your customers better.

Prioritizing the development effort

Once you know what really matters to your customers, you can focus on creating the most important features first.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Research data reveals how users interact with your product. This information is vital to improving customer satisfaction.

Increase conversion rate

We can boost your product conversion rates by displaying more relevant information and features to your users.