Product-led Growth (PLG)

Focus on the product

Product-led growth (PLG) is a business strategy based on enhancing the product’s features and usability so that its value is unquestionable and therefore irresistible for customers to buy.

Your product is everything

A marketing strategy is useless if the product does not really meet the customer’s expectations. When your customers understand and perceive the value of your product, it literally “sells itself”.

Placing the user at the center of the product

Knowing exactly the customer’s or user’s concerns about your product will give you the keys to improve it and offer the most satisfactory user experience.

Recognize and solve problems

It is essential to maintain direct contact with your customers in order to solve and analyze their complaints and suggestions. Our team will be in charge of this survey.

Deliver what you promise

Be honest with your customers, invest your best efforts in materializing the value of the product as opposed to simply communicating it.

Comunicate the value

Inform in detail about the features of your product. Prove which problems it solves before the customer can detect them on his own. We will elaborate the strategy so that you can speak with authority about it and that your current and potential customers understand its value perfectly.

Have you already implemented your PLG strategy in your startup?

We are skilled at developing solutions that meet your business objectives and the needs of your users.

The keys to our PLG services A focused look at your product's functionality

Benefits Realize that the heart of your business lies in your product itself because the perception of value far outweighs the price or your customer's "roadblocks".

Gain increased scalability, credibility and visibility

Implementing a product led-growht strategy will provide your business with a much greater opportunity for growth. Nothing is more credible and recommendable than something that simply works.

User acquisition strategy

Everybody loves getting freebies, don’t they? If you offer your customer a free, and above all useful, alternative of your product or service, they will feel grateful and more willing to pay for a premium version. Identifying whether your business requires a SaaS, Freemium or Demo model is up to us.

Improve tracking metrics

Detecting opportunities that allow you to adjust business parameters, user acquisition processes, pricing model, in order to improve the performance of your business.

Increase conversion rate and metrics

You can increase the conversion rates of your product as long as you provide valuable information or relevant features to your users.