Apps and Webapps

We innovate in interactive software solutions. We program with creativity to create applications and platforms that help the management and digital transformation of your company.Ā 

In recent years, applications and web apps have become indispensable tools, mainly in e-commerce. At Interaktell we take care of the entire process of creation and implementation of your application to help you in your search for profitability and user satisfaction.

Internet Of Things

IoT is an emerging technology that has made possible a new way of interacting with the world. Cloud computing and interconnected applications provide data and information needed for better user experience.

At Interaktell, we develop ideas and projects aimed at interconnecting everyday objects to turn them into digital products. We take advantage of this new technology to support the reinvention or creation of new business models.

Immersive Experiences

Extended Reality, which brings together Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, represents a new channel of interaction and communication applicable to any sector. It helps workflows, optimizing tasks, reducing costs and helping to visualize final products and services.

We believe that the application of these new technologies helps companies to make profitable and offer their potential customers unique experiences.

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