Product Design

We design products that combine functionality and aesthetics. We investigate and test the quality of the product until we reach the highest optimization of the processes. We create products that achieve objectives.Ā 

At Interaktell, we understand that designing digital products or services goes beyond taking care of the visual aspects and making something beautiful and easy to use. We work the design from a strategic vision that allows us to create products that respond to real problems of companies and users.

Service Design

In addition to product design, we also develop the processes that help the user to contract a service without getting lost along the way.

We design the path that will guide the user to the conversion you need. Once again, we propose aesthetic and functional design as the answer. We identify the problem, investigate, validate ideas, and finally create the design that provides value to users.

User Experience Research, UX / UI

The best way to offer a well-designed product is to research both the company and the user. We approach design from a pragmatic perspective, responding to the needs of potential users.

To do this, first, we research and carry out a benchmark that gives us the keys to get to work. We create user archetypes that help us validate the ideas, the interface design, and the experience within it, to achieve a result that fits the parameters of fluid navigation.

Quality Assurance Testing

We have to test all products and services to see if it meets the objectives set at the outset. We like to go all the way and not leave any loose ends.

We attach importance to the quality management of design, processes, and the whole system as a whole, which is why we strive to test. We optimize until all parties involved, company and user can be satisfied.

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