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Our Business Vision

We were born to give space and shape to the innovation and co-creation of new digital products. To look where no one else looks, to make things better.

We solve problems. We analyze the background, set objectives and establish an action plan that will lead you to reach your goals.

We blend design, development and strategy so that the interaction between client and user is the most effective.

digital product design
app development


We operate on three levels that we overcome in each work process: shaping, designing and launching.

Disruptive Design

We take care of the details to offer attractive products that allow the user to interact with the interface in an intuitive way.

Technology Development

We apply the most appropriate technology to each project, providing efficient and quality solutions.

Strategic Approach

We analyze the background and the user to make decisions that will help you grow and bring about new business opportunities.

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    Worldwide Offices

    Interaktell office Bilbao

    Bilbao, Es - Europa

    Buenos Aires, 12
    48001 Bilbao, EspaƱa

    Interaktell office Madrid

    Madrid, Es - Europa

    Hermanos Ɓlvarez Quintero, 9, 5 izda.
    28004 Madrid, EspaƱa

    Interaktell office Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires, Ar - Latam

    Pte. Uriburu 1670, 1114 Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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